Accommodation and POIs


There is a number of hotels and bed-and-breakfasts close to the two conference venues. However, please do keep in mind that Munich is a popular vacation destination, especially during summertime. There are also several trade fairs and exhibitions happening around the same time as our symposium.

We therefore highly recommend booking a room as soon as possible. You may also want to check booking websites such as or Airbnb for available and affordable rooms.

Points of Interest

The two venues of the LIPP Symposium are located in the districts Maxvorstadt and Schwabing. Both districts are known for their lively bar and restaurant scenes and are home to many of Munich’s famous historical and cultural sites.

The following interactive map highlights some of the many restaurants, bars, and coffee shops in Maxvorstadt in proximity to Wednesday’s venue (i.e., room A 014 in the main university building, marked with the “Home” icon).

The second map shows a broad selection of bars, restaurants, and coffee shops in Schwabing, where the second venue is located (i.e., Seidlvilla on Nikolaiplatz 1B, marked with the “Home” icon).